How To Shoot The Basketball Like Stephen Curry

Do you want to shoot the ball like the great three-point shooter Stephen Curry?

I found an excellent video especially for young players who want to shoot the ball like the best three-point shooter, NBA superstar Stephen Curry. There could be no right or wrong when it comes to shooting the basketball. Every player has his own style that they feel comfortable and easy to execute. But it is a good experience to try Curry’s style and maybe discover the reasons why he is very good in shooting.

Coach Collin Castellaw did a great job in making a blueprint of Curry’s shooting form. He spent hours and hours of film study to unlock the secret and share it to others, to add some techniques for the young players, and to improve shooting consistency, range, and speed.

This video is a full tutorial specifically developed to help you hit more shots.

Curry is one of those players who revolutionize shooting. His style is easy to learn and you can try it as soon as you watched the full video.

Here is the summary of the tutorial video:

Proper Turn – Your feet should be tilt slightly off to the side. A right-handed shooter like Curry will tilt to the left whereas a left-handed shooter will tilt to the right. Your best foot should be ahead by inches with the other foot. The reason behind for tilting your feet is to minimize tension on your shoulders. Of course there are a lot of coaches that will tell you to square your shoulder to the basket but this exerts more pressure. If there is a clock on the ground, the tilt is around 10:30 to 11:00. Avoid 90 degrees or 9:00 tilt because you decrease your power and momentum.

Proper Heel Position – One of the most important things about your footwork is having your heels up whenever you catch the ball.

A major mistake of some players when they catch the ball is that they plant their heels on the ground making it hard to gather momentum when shooting. This technique is similar to a diver’s feet position on a diving board.

One Motion – It is important that you should not pause for a second when you put your ball upward. There are players who tend to pause when aiming at the basketball. You can observe that Curry always employ a one-motion as he is getting ready to shoot until he releases the ball.

Shot Line – Curry is very consistent on his shot line. Being a right-handed shooter, he always catches the ball using his left hand and then shoves this to his right hand as he prepares to shoot. Avoid catching the ball using your dominant shooting arm.

Set Point – Curry has a perfect eyebrow set point. You must release the ball as soon as your fingers reached your eyebrow. This is a good training for kids who can only shoot from their chests. As they grow older, their set point will move higher until it reaches their eyebrows.

Middle Finger Release – Curry always makes his middle finger as the last finger to touch the ball upon release. Usually coaches will tell you to release using your fingers simultaneously. But Curry wants to make it more accurate by letting his middle finger to touch the ball last during release. It is important that your middle finger should be at the center of the ball at the point of release.

Take note that as you bring the ball upward, rotate your palm until your center finger is positioned below the center of the ball.

Guide Hand – The guide hand (left hand) of Curry is pointed towards the ball projection. Usually, coaches tell you to point your guide hand on the ceiling upon release and there is nothing wrong about it. Be sure to use your guide hand without exerting additional force that may affect accuracy.

Arm Extension – When you release the ball, be sure that your arm is straight for consistency. If your arm is bent, it is hard to repeat the same execution which could be difficult for your muscle memory.

Here is my own evaluation:

The information on the video is very accurate based on Curry’s actual shooting form. The definition of key terms are not necessary especially for basketball players because these are just common terms unlike in other sports where there are too many jargons. Coach Castellaw, in my opinion, talks somewhat fast but his language is clear. He is fair in his comparison between the “old school method” and Curry’s revolutionary method. The organization of his tutorial is logical: from bottom to top.

Coach Castellaw is an expert in coaching basketball with lots of tutorials not to mention more than half a million subscribers in YouTube. I think he is successful in making his point of teaching on how to shoot like Curry.

This tutorial video is very important especially for young players who throw the ball from the chest up because this is how Curry developed his shooting form. The set point is very important for consistency. The conventional set point which is behind the eyebrow is not accurate because you have less view of the ball’s position and less accuracy of elbow’s angle. Curry’s 90-degree elbow angle is easy to note.

Possible Arguments On Curry’s Shooting Form:

Proper Turn- Curry tilt his feet slightly off the side. Some coaches will tell you to make your feet straight and pointed to the hoop.

One Motion – Curry has a one-motion movement whereas the conventional method has a two-move catapult style of release.

Set Point – Curry has a perfect eyebrow set point whereas the conventional method has over the head or behind the head set point.

Guide Hand – Curry’s guide hand is also somewhat extended towards the hoop together with the shooting arm upon release whereas in conventional method, the guide hand almost remains while pointing upward.

Arm Extension – Curry’s shooting arm is always extended upon release of the ball whereas some conventional players do not extend their shooting arms.

I personally agree with Coach Castellaw on his keen observation about Curry’s shooting form. I highly recommend this video to all basketball players especially those young and aspiring long shot experts. With more than two million views, this tutorial video is very successful.


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