First Flying Car On Sale – Pal-V Liberty

Do you want to avoid traffic by travelling on air using your car? Make a reservation now for Pal V Liberty. Check it out on this new website!

Pal V Liberty is the first flying car on sale. Its concept design was started in 1999 with engineers from the automotive and aviation industries. It has many technology partners worldwide.

It complies with existing regulations in most countries and design and built according to EASA(EU) and FAA(USA) standard.




For additional safety on the road, it includes a drive-tested patented dynamic curve stabilizer system in 2008.


It has extensive computer simulation during the design process, detailed aerodynamic testing, very thorough testing of all components and systems, emergency landing overload system, and another extensive simulation on all circumstances during driving and flying.


Special Features:


  1. Pal V flies using the gyrocopter principle. This means that the rotor on top is not powered by the engine but by the wind. The wind comes from underneath the rotor which creates a forward lift factor on the rotor blades. The rotation of the blades are self-stabilizing so you don’t have to worry about its rpm.


  1. Pal V has a special feature that will enable you to land safely in case of an engine failure. It will glide you down with the help of the rotor blades which keeps turning.


  1. There is no need to park your Pal V on an airstrip because you can switch it in driving mode and drive the vehicle into your home.


  1. It increases your productivity while having fun. It gets you faster to your destination because you have the option to fly in case of traffic jams, rivers, lakes, mountains, and other similar obstructions.


  1. It runs regardless of the weather condition. When flying and visibility is difficult because of bad weather, you can shift to drive mode and continue your travel. You can be sure that you can arrive or return at a given time.


  1. It is the most advanced off-road vehicle because you don’t need the road to reach your destination. It opens up more possibilities of selecting a place where you want your office, home, and places for leisure.


  1. It is the perfect combination of fun and safety. You can view all the breathtaking sceneries and landscapes combined with unparalleled peace of mind. Safety is the top priority of Pal V Liberty. You don’t have to worry about engine stalling because the rotor blades are continuously rotating even without engine power. This acts like a parachute. It has two engines to deliver the required power. If one stops, then the other will supply enough power to land you safely.


  1. It is less affected by strong winds and turbulence. The rotating wing is superior than a fixed wing. It is much safer than a small airplane.


  1. It is the easiest way to become a pilot. Now youcan fulfill your dream and add a pilot license to your driver’s license. Fly to your destination, outsmart the traffic and enjoy a view you will never enjoy otherwise.


  1. It is the best impression you can give to your client, customer, guest, or relative that you can pick up anywhere and land anywhere.




Drive Mode:

Max Speed:160 km/hr

Top speed acceleration (0-100 km/hr): less than 9 seconds

Engine power:100 hp

Fuel economy:7.6 liter/100km

Range:1315 km


Flight Mode:

Economic cruise speed: 140 km/hr

High cruise speed (90% range): 160 km/hr

Maximum speed: 180 km/hr

Minimum speed for level flight: 50 km/hr

Engine power: 200hp

Maximum operating altitude: 3500 m

Useful load: 246 kg

Take-off roll: 180m

Take-off distance: 330m

Landing roll distance: 30m

Fuel economy: 26 l/hr

Maximum range: 400km

Maximum range (single person): 500km

Maximum endurance: 4.3 hours


Technical Specifications:

Capacity: two persons

Mass empty: 664 kg

Maximum take-off weight: 910kg

Fuel type: Euro 95, Euro 98, E10

Fuel capacity 100 liters

Dimensions (drive mode): 4m x 2m x 1.7m

Dimensions (flight mode): 6.1m x 2m x 3.2 m

Maximum baggage load: 20kg


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