Amazing Ventriloquist – Darcy Lynne

This is a viral video of Darcy Lynne, a young girl with an amazing talent in ventriloquism. The judges were so impressed that they gave her the Golden Buzzer. It is not common for a twelve year-old girl to perform ventriloquism and that could be the reason why Darcy eventually became the winner in the Finals.

Ventriloquism, or ventriloquy, is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) changes his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered “dummy”. The act of ventriloquism is ventriloquizing, and the ability to do so is commonly called in English the ability to “throw” one’s voice.

For those who are inspired by Darcy’s performance, you can try to practice ventriloquism for fun and let us see if you can do it just like a pro. There is a good introductory tutorial I found from Brownielocks, a former ventriloquist. Here is the link.


.Source: YouTube


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