Man Left His Wife To Live Together With His Own Aunt

Would you believe? A man left his wife to live together with his own aunt.

A lady named Evangeline Abina, age 25, filed a complaint through Raffy Tulfo. According to the lady, her husband, Mark Anthony Abina, age 32, left her to live together with her own aunt, Marlyn Betor, age 30.

Tulfo had a phone interview with Menchie Abina, sister of Mark Anthony, and he asked for help to fix the problem of Evangeline. Menchie said she will return to Tacloban to meet with their relatives to resolve the problem.

In her appeal to Tulfo’s program, Evangeline pleaded for her husband to return. She was not able to stop herself from crying because of the incident. With Tulfo’s mercy, he gave Evangeline money for the sake of her young child but was denied and said that her husband was the only one she needed. At the end, the money was received and the woman was thankful.


Marlyn (aunt of Mark)         husband of Marlyn          Evangeline                 Mark

After breaktime, Tulfo spoke again to Menchie and ask if his brother Mark Anthony has already decided about this serious family problem. According to Menchie, Mark Anthony does not want to go back to his wife and just support the children or just take the children out from his wife.

According to Tulfo, they will not allow the children of Evangeline to be given to Mark.

According to Menchie, Marlyn is still in Manila and elder brother Mark is in Tacloban so they are not living together. Evangeline did not want to believe it and said that they were still there.

Evangeline added that Mark did not give a support when his son was bitten by a dog. She blames Marlyn for the circumstances as she seizes her husband.

Tulfo asked Evangeline what she sees as the reasons for her husband to do it. According to her, aunt Marlyn has so many promises.that her husband has been attracted to her. She promises financial assistance such as home repair, and assistance in paying the taxi boundary. Mark is a taxi driver.

Evangeline called on Marlyn and she cautioned her for what she had done. Marlyn did not want to leave Mark because she spent a lot of money for him. Evangeline responded that she had nothing to do with it and did not ask Marlyn to finance Mark.

Evangeline added that she owe everything that Marlyn spent on Mark. And she stirs up anger at Marlyn’s words.


Marlyn will go back to her real husband but will get her nephew Mark and the three will live together on one roof.

Evangaline is prepared to file a case if ever this will happen.


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