Beginner’s Chess – A Lesson On King’s Safety Against Stockfish 9

For a beginner, the King’s safety is the most important factor to be considered besides mobility and forces or material.You can easily lose in the opening if your opponent found that your King is not safe. However, there are experts who can manage to expose their King in exchange of an advantage. A good example is the game between Alpha Zero and Stockfish wherein Alpha somewhat exposed his King by marching to the base of his pawns. He was able to defend any attack against his King and gained the endgame advantage.

I advise that you download Stockfish for desktop or Droidfish for mobile. Droidfish is easier to download because it is ready to use. The team that develops this program has given us an opportunity to play and learn “free chess”. In my opinion, this is the most useful tool for a chess player.

If you want to be the best, then you should play against the best.

We will demonstrate the importance of King’s safety by playing Stockfish level 1 – beginner’s level. We will upgrade to higher levels as we go along and learn the game.

Here are the moves:

White (Stockfish)       Black (michaelnel)

French Defense

  1. e4                      e6
  2. d4                      d5
  3. Nd2                   c5
  4. c3                      Nc6
  5. Ne2

position after 5. Ne2

This move delayed the development of White’s King’s Bishop which also delayed castling on the Kingside.

5. …….                  Qb6

6. exd5                exd5

7. Nxf3                Nxf6

8. h3                    Bd6

9. Qb3                 Qc7

position after 9…….Qc7

Let us pause for a while and analyze this position. White will have a hard time moving his King into safety. It is dangerous to castle on the Queenside because of the possible opening up of the position after exchanges of center pawns. But he can castle on the Kingside only after a series of moves.

Black avoided the exchange of Queens because it would be better to maximize the forces available to attack against the King.

You can also try to exploit the exposed position of White’s Queen by launching an attack against her by the preparatory move Bf5 to block the Queen’s escape.

In case you have many options, the best way to win the game is to attack against the King.

10. dxc5              Bxc5

11. N(e) d4         O-O

12. Be3               Bxd4

13. Bxd4             Nxd4

14. Nxd4             Re8


position after 14…Re8

You must always try to look for this kind of move. This Rook check signals the dangerous position of White’s King and controls the important e-file.

15. Be2               Bd7

16. Rd1               Re5

17. f4                  Re3

18. Kf2                R(a) e8

position after 18…R(a) e8

You can consider this as a won position for Black. The only problem here is how to finish the game. You will notice that White’s Queen is away from the battle. You can now exploit this weakness by launching the final attack.

19. R(h)f1            Qxf4+

20. Kg1                Qg5  (threatening Bxh3)

21. h4                   Qg3

22. Rd2                 Bh3

23. Bb5                  Ng4

24. R(f)f2               Qh2+

25. Kf1                   Qh1 mate


final position


The King’s safety is the most important factor in a chess game. As a beginner, you should always try to put your King into safety. However, there are times when you can see some Master’s game wherein  a King is stranded on the center in exchange of a favorable attack, material compensation, positional advantage, and other factors.

White lost this game because he was not able to castle his King into safety. You must always look for similar positions and utilize all possible forces available to launch the attack. You will notice in the game that Black avoided the exhange of Queens because this major piece is the most instrumental piece to win a won position.

I hope that you will have some fun in your chess game.


chess diagram source: chessX

featured image source: pixabay

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