Policeman Dies Of Dengvaxia Says Wife

A policeman assigned in Quezon City died after a witness said that he underwent Dengvaxia vaccination. SPO2 Vicente Arugay, Sr. of Quezon City Police District Police Station 6 died on March 3, 2018 according to his wife, Maryjane. According to the autopsy report of Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) forensic team on the policeman’s body, there was enlargement of internal organs and bleeding of brain.

According to the policeman’s wife, before his death he suffered convulsion, and extreme headache. In addition, he lost his hearing and his memory until he died.

Maryjane immediately asked for help from PAO after he received an information that her husband had a shot of Dengvaxia vaccine.

It was discovered that the witness of Arugay family has already submitted his sworn statement to PAO regarding the vaccination.

Maryjane requested to PAO to dig her husband’s body for examination because she was doubtful about the medical result. According to his death certificate, her husband cause of death are multiple organ failure, and weil’s disease or a serious type of leptospirosis.

Maryjane was overwhelmingly wondering about the cause of death as stated in the certification because she reasoned out that there was no body wound and there was no flood. Usually a person can contract this disease if he has wound and walked on floods contaminated with leptospira bacteria.

According to Maryjane, if her husband has leptospirosis, it was still curable because her husband has been immediately admitted to PNP General Hospital.

Meanwhile, in a press conference in Camp Crame, the Health Service of Philippine National Police denied the accusation that the policeman died because of Dengvaxia.

According to Senior Superintendent Antonietta Langcauon, director of PNP Health Service, leptospirosis and not Dengvaxia was the cause of  Policeman Arugay’s death.

In fact, according to Langcauon, Policeman Arugay was not vaccinated because he was not included in the list. He was not qualified because he is already fifty years old. Only those whose ages are forty five years old and below are qualified.

According to the statement of Chief Inspector Benaly Bayani, Medical Officer of PNP Health Service, based on health history, physical examination, and laboratory examinations, there is no direct link of Dengvaxia to Arugay’s death.



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