Girl Walking On The Sidewalk, What Happens Next Will Shock You

A schoolgirl in Northern China walked on the sidewalk without knowing what will happen next. She plunged through a weak section of a pavement into a six-meter deep hole. Luckily, a taxi driver named Wang Wei stopped his taxi cab and ran over to see if the girl is okay. Unfortunately there was no response so he went down into the hole clinging to a cable strung underneath the pavement.

According to the driver, he shook the girl to make her conscious. Then the Fire Brigade arrived and put a ladder into the hole. The girl kept on screaming because the ladder is flimsy. The driver encouraged her to climb up first so that he can support her.

Finally, they managed to get out.

Moral lesson: Always be alert when you walk on the street.


Here is the video:

Source: YouTube







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