Boy, Went To A Hospital For Circumcision, But Something Went Wrong

Boys usually undergo circumcision during summer vacation. This boy went to a hospital but something unexpected happened.

A thirteen-year old boy died due to tetanus. The “doctor” who happens to be a fake doctor might have used bacteria infected medical instruments. This unauthorized medical practitioner is just an institutional worker who volunteered to perform this minor operation.

The operation was performed in  a Hispathology Laboratory Hospital located in Roxas City, Philippines.

The family is now appealing for help and justice for the death of their son. They questioned the hospital on how this “doctor” was able to perform the operation if he is not authorized to do so.

These are the steps to be taken to have a safe circumcision for your son:

  1. Speak to your physician and make sure that he is a qualified professional.
  2. Ask your doctor about the safety precautions that he will implement during the operation.
  3. Make sure that your son, especially if infant, has been thoroughly examined before the operation. He must be 100% physically fit with no health problems including family history of bleeding problems.
  4. Ask your doctor about post-procedure care issues after the operation including wound care.
  5. Observe progress of healing. In case of abnormalities, call your doctor.
  6. Set a follow-up appointment with your doctor.
  7. Ask your doctor for proper care during post-surgery healing.


There were also a lot of circumcision related deaths from around the world and I compiled some videos below:

The video below is from Dominican Republic. A child from Ramirez family died due to circumcision.


The video below is from Canada. A baby boy bleeds to death after a doctor allegedly persuaded the parents to perform circumsicision.



The video below is from Ireland. Linda Massie, director of NOCIRC Northern Ireland discusses the laws that don’t protect children from genital mutilation in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Massie also discusses the circumcision death of a baby.


The video below is from the United States. Mark D. Reiss, M.D., Executive Vice-President of Doctors Opposing Circumcision discusses the effects of circumcision upon the developing brain and the risks and complications of infant circumcision.



featured image source: pixabay

local news source: bulgar (April 20, 2018 issue)


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