A Barangay Policeman Helps A Blind Man But You Won’t Believe What Will Happen Next

A Barangay Policeman helped a drunk 50-year old one-eye blind man to walk in the street but he lost his temper and made an aggressive move. 

In a cctv footage from Arkong Bato, Valenzuela City, you can see a barangay tanod (without a t-shirt) holding the victim on his neck and arm. But suddenly, the officer knocked the head of the victim on the concrete wall. Not yet satisfied, the officer punch the face of the victim.

The victim felt dizzy and fell on the floor. The officer tried to pull him up but the victim can not moved anymore. The officer pull her inside a small street and the victim never recovered.

After almost ten minutes, the residents helped and brought the victim named Benjamin Mesina, to the nearest hospital. But he was declared dead on arrival.

The officer said that he was just helping the drunk victim to walk but unfortunately the policemen who investigated reviewed the cctv footage and found otherwise.

Valenzuela police PCI Rhoderick Juan condemned the incident blaming the barangay officer of using superior force against an apprehended individual.

The barangay officer, named Angelito Calderon, defended that his son was harrased by this drunk man and that made him emotional when he responded.

The mother of the victim, Emily Mesina, said that she will not accept any huge amount of money as payment for the death of her son.

The morale of the story is never use superior force against somebody unless your life is in danger.

Here is the video:


source: YouTube


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