Dazo’s Water Fuel Invention – Scam!

There is a viral video of a man from Binangonan Rizal. His name is Noli Dazo who claims that he invented a system that converts water into hydrogen and use it as  fuel for engines.

In an interview with one reporter, he was asked if there is something that he mixed with water as fuel. Noli said that it is only water and nothing else.

According to Noli, you can separate hydrogen from oxygen through electrolysis. Hydrogen is combustible and can be used as a substitute for gasoline.

Noli applied for a patent in the Philippines but until now it is not approved. According to Gloria Salvado of Intellectual Office Of The Philippines, they did not find any pending application of Noli Dazo’s invention. It might have been withdrawn prior to its publication.

Noli sought the help of Department of Science and Technology but he did not get any support. According to Engr. Apollo Bawagan of DOST, he was not aware of any evaluation regarding Dazo’s invention.

Tatay Rico is one of those who are not satisfied with Dazo’s invention. According to him, it took only one month of use and decided to return the device to Noli Dazo.  During their confrontation, Dazo admitted that the fuel used is not pure water because his life would be endangered from the oil companies if he uses pure water.

Now, let us examine the truth behind Dazo’s so-called water-fuel invention.

According to the Law of conservation of energy:

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.”

Let us apply this Law to a car fueled by gasoline.

Gasoline is in the form of chemical energy which uses a small amount of electricty (from the spark plugs) to make it combustible to be transformed to mechanical energy which runs the engine.

On the other hand, water is not in the form of chemical energy. It needs a relatively high amount of energy to be able to separate hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. Hydrogen is the element needed for combustion.

Therefore based on Dazo’s invention, the transformation of energy would be:

electrical(electrolysis) — chemical(hydrogen)—mechanical(after combustion)

According to the Law of conservation of energy, these three forms of energies should be equal. If the electrical energy of a car’s battery can make hydrogen in the form of chemical energy, then its energy is greater than the electrical supply which contradicts the Law.

In addition, the energy from the battery is not equal to the mechanical energy of the car unless the car is an electric car.

In other words, Noli Dazo is guilty of misrepresentation of data. He did not use hydrogen from water as fuel but maybe a combination of the two. In his invention, hyrdogen alone can not run the engine.





Source: YouTube

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