Scary Coca-Cola Facts

Scientific studies reveal that Coca-Cola or Coke is detrimental to our human body. Here are 10 scary facts that you should know specially for those who regularly drink coke:

  1. Coke is extremely acidic and our body is meant to be alkaline. Acidic body condition is one cause of cancer. It’s acidity can be compared to a battery acid.
  2. Because of its acidity, coke can be used to clean surfaces just like those chemicals we used to clean toilet bowls. These cleaning chemicals are considered toxic substances and drinking coke is like drinking a toxic substance.
  3. Coke has deeply penetrated the world market that caused mineral and distilled water more expensive than coke particularly in some third world countries.
  4. In some third world countries, water shortage is primarily caused by Coca-Cola companies because they used enormous amount of water in their manufacture of coke.
  5. Studies reveal that people who drink coke everyday has 48% risk of stroke and heart attack compared to others who drink once in a while and especially to others who do not drink at all.
  6. Studies reveal that coke can cause pulmonary disease and asthma.
  7. Coke is responsible for making our bones brittle and weak because of loss of calcium.
  8. Coke carbonation easily irritates the stomach. Hydrochloric acid is a by-product of carbonation.
  9. Coke can cause loss of calcium. Our body’s response to its acidity is to neutralize it by releasing calcium from our blood.
  10.  Coke can cause brain and muscular malfunction because of loss of calcium in our blood.


Source: YouTube

Image: pixabay

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