A Lesson From Isabel Granada’s Cause Of Death

Isabel Granada is one of the famous Filipino celebrities who passed away. Her cause of death made us aware of a not-so-well-known disease called aneurysm. This is an enlargement of artery due to weakness in the arterial wall.

Based on reliable information, Isabel is financially successful. She can easily afford medical expenses. What could be the reason why this disease was not detected?

One reason why it was not detected is because aneurysm usually has no symptoms.

We do not know if we have aneurysm until a rupture or leak occurs. Aneurysms affect a variety of arteries but the most common and deadly are the arteries supplying the brain and the heart. Brain aneurysm claimed the life of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada. The sudden death of Isabel, who supposedly lived a healthy and active lifestyle, stunned  not only her family but also her friends and fans.

How do you know if you have symptoms of brain aneurysm?

In the case of Isabel, we can assume that the disease started as unruptured aneurysm, then it leaks, and became ruptured.

Some symptoms of larger unruptured aneurysm are: pain above and behind one eye, dilated pupil, change in vision or double vision, and numbness of one side of the face. In the case of Isabel, it could be only a small unruptured brain aneurysm that produce no symptoms at all, otherwise she could consult a doctor immediately.

If you have the above symptoms, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

The causes of brain aneurysm are unknown but there are risk factors that can contribute to weakness on artery walls.

These factors include old age, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure or hypertension, drug abuse, and heavy alcohol consumption.

We can learn from Isabel’s death that there is a certain disease called brain aneurysm that requires immediate attention. If you have the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately, and avoid the risk factors.


Source: Mayo Clinic

Image source: YouTube


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