Duterte: Worship Me Instead Of The Saints

President Duterte mocked the commemoration of All Saints Day of the Catholics by saying insulted words and calling the “Saints” drunkards.

These messages were delivered¬† after his official message for “Undas” or All Saints Day.

After conducting Post-Disaster Command Conference in Cauayan Isabela, Duterte questioned the tradition of All Saints Day and All Souls Day and even called the Catholics “tarantado” or rowdy.

Duterte said that we do not know those Saints so there is no reason to worship them.

Duterte jokingly add that the Catholics would better off if they worship him and make him a patron Saint.

In his previous controversial statement, Duterte even said that God is “stupid”.

When Duterte said that these Saints are drunkards, he mistakenly assumed that the Catholics worship the dead. There are two types of dead in “Undas”, the Saints and our loved ones. Unfortunately, there is confusion in this Filipino tradition because the Catholics celebrate All Saints Day by going to the cemeteries instead of going to the Church to commemorate the Saints.

The canonization of Saints is a long process and it is highly impossible that a Saint is a drunkard. We do not know them personally but there are authorities who know them very well.

The Catholics, particularly the Filipinos should go to the cemetery on November 2, All Souls Day to remember their loved ones. Probably, the Catholics want to save time and effort by combining All Saints Day and All Souls Day in just one day.


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