10 Viral Photos That Fooled The World

Do you want to know some viral photos that look real?

1. Rainbow Snake

This rainbow snake looks real, but it isn’t.

It is just a Photoshop image. See the real image below. The real snake is on the right side.

2. Bear Behind

This hilarious photo spread like wildfire. It came with a background story that it was a behind the scenes snap shot of a National Geographic documentary.

It is a very funny photo and you might laugh when you see it. However, it is a fake photo.

This is just a Photo-shopped image by one of those jokers in the picture. See the real image below.

3. Baby Footprint

This unbelievable picture spread on social media and fooled hundreds of thousands of people.
The image is without a doubt a Photoshop image.
No baby in the world would be strong enough to make such a detailed imprint.
The baby would have to push it’s hands through muscle, fat and the uterus wall.

4. Pilot Selfie

This selfie of a pilot has often been shared as one of the most amazing selfies of our time.
And it probably would be if it wasn’t 100% fake.
No Pilot would risk depressurising the plane and causing the passengers to lose conciousness. Or even worse, causing the plane to break up.
It’s simply a selfie taken on the ground and Photo-shopped it to look like it’s in the cloud.

5. Hands Of God

This Photo was shared thousands of times along with a caption saying it is the hands of God.
And yes, people actually believed it.

6. Strange Quote From Manilyn Monroe

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure.
I make mistakes, I’m out of control and at times I’m hard to handle.
But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Whilst this is a nice quote it’s not a quote from Marilyn Monroe.
This picture and this quote have been shared hundreds of thousands of times.
But there are absolutely no sources, interviews, recordings or anything else that says Marilyn ever said this.

7. Bike Inside The Tree

This one went viral on Facebook with a sad short story.
Detailing how a young man left his bike against this tree when he went to war in 1914.
It goes on to say he never returned and nature started to consume his bike.
But the real story is that somebody did leave his bike leaning against this tree but it wasn’t in 1914. It was in 1950 and his name was Don Puz and he never went to war.

8. Purple Island

This one went viral in 2013.
It stated that it was the Fairie Pools in the Isle of Skye, Scotland
Sadly it’s a fake.
And it’s actually just a Purple filter of the Shotover island in New Zealand.

See the actual photo below. The real image is on the right.

9. Boy Sleeping Next To Grave

This Photo went viral along with a caption saying it is a Syrian boy sleeping next to the graves of his dead parents.
It’s actually part of an art project by 25 year old Abdul from Saudi Arabia.
He wanted to show how a child’s love for his parents is eternal.
According to him it has absolutely nothing to do with the crisis in Syria.

The next photo looks disgusting.

10. Holes

It was one of many Photo’s that went viral with the aim to play on Trypophobia, which is the fear of holes.
The bug is a make Waterbug which apparently causes a skin disease via a viral infection.
The truth is, it’s a big fat load of rubbish.
This particular image is the Photoshop and makeup wizardry of YouTube user BrIdgette Houska.
And the video she posted shows exactly how she made this work of art.

And that brings this list to an end.

Source: YouTube

featured image: pixabay

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