7 Easy Ways To Save Electricity At Home

These are tips and tricks to save electricity at home.Most homeowners are always looking for some ways to lower their monthly electrical bill.

Based on my experience, most of our energy bill for a typical single family home is spent on heating, cooling, water heating, appliances, lighting, and electronics.

Tip number 1 – Unplug all unused electronic device.

It is advisable to unplug all unused electronic devices because they continue to draw electricity when they are turned off but still plugged in. This is called phantom energy or vampire power.

Some people find that it is impractical to unplug electronic devices from time to time. Sometimes, there are hassle and time involved with going under or behind the table or desk, or any furniture that obstructs you to unplug the device.

In my case, if I need to exert an effort to do something, I’ll just consider it as an exercise. But in your case if you have difficulty unplugging then you can use power strips and hook multiple items into them so that you just flick one switch and turn off everything off at once.

Tip number 2 – Change your aircon filter regularly.

You might wonder why replacing a filter can save electricity. This will improve the efficiency of your unit and lower your running costs as well. Most of the times you don’t have to replace the filter. You can rmeove it and clean with water.

If the filter is dirty then air won’t pass easily from the blower. If this happens, then you have to change the thermostat setting and this will increase electrical consumption.

CheckĀ  your manual and I’m sure you won’t have difficulty in cleaning or replacing a filter.

Tip number 3 – Do not overheat your water heater.

Your water heater should not be hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It can cause scalding, and you’re just wasting energy.

Check your manual on how to adjust the temperature setting. In some cases, you only have to open the panel and adjust the needle. Consult an expert if you have any difficulty.

Tip number 4 – Make sure to weather strip your window and door frames.

You need to plug any air leaks to improve your house’s energy efficiency. For instance, if you are using your air-conditioner and there are air leakages, then your air-con compressor have to pump more to achieve the desired result. If it is hotter outside, then load increases in this case resulting in higher electrical consumption.

Tip number 5 – Update your appliances to newer energy efficient models.

If you can afford to change your appliances for the better, then why not? These latest models have the Energy Star Logo.

A good example of this appliance is the inverter refrigerator. This is different from the old models because its compressor has varying speed depending on the required load. The old model always run on full speed before stopping, thus wasting energy.

Tip number 6 – Change all your lighting bulbs to LED.

Now, this will save you a bunch of money because for example, a standard 60 Watt bulb can be replaced by the equivalent 13 Watt compact fluorescent or greater yet, 9 Watt LED equivalent.

So you’re saving 4 to 6 times the energy.

Tip number 7 – Put a timer on interior or exterior lights.

This is applicable to certain areas that you need to leave open for longer periods of time for security purposes.

For instance, you have to leave open the light to let any intruder knows that you are still awake. The problem here is that most of the time you are already asleep when it’s time to turn off the light.

Just put a timer and this will solve the problem. The lights will turn off anytime you want.

featured image source: pixabay

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